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Inspectle Food Safety Inspection Software
Food safety inspection being conducted
Food safety inspection software Inspectle

The Simplest Food Inspection Software for the Food Industry

Are you a quality manager at a GFSI or AIB-certified food producer? Say goodbye to chronic paperwork and inaction and switch to Inspectle.







Anu Oad from Saarionien

"Implementing Inspectle Food in our company was extremely easy and matched well with the requirements of food production and food safety. Inspectle Food has helped us save significant time: easily register non-conformities, add evidence, automatically generate reports!”

Anu Oad

Quality Manager, Saarionien Eesti OÜ

BRCGS food safety global standard
FSSC food safety standard
IFS food safety standard
 ISO 22000 food safety management standard
AIB food safety standard
The food industry in action

For quality teams in larger food production plants

Inspectle Food's hygiene platform was born from necessity. Having worked in the industry, we know the needless paperwork, slow communication, and the sub-par tools companies are used to working with.

Trusted by:

Orkla – a larger food manufacturing brand
Lallemand – a larger food manufacturing brand
Farmi – a larger food manufacturing brand
Mamma – a larger food manufacturing brand
Puratos – a larger food manufacturing brand
Estiko – a food packaging brand
Rannarootsi – a larger food manufacturing brand
Tere  – a larger food manufacturing brand
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Want to start
making progress?

Try for free. Our platform is designed around flexibility. Each production site in the world is unique and so is the solution!

What you get out of Inspectle

Inspectle Food is a tool that allows quick and effective resolution of non-conformities in food hygiene and simplifies the process of carrying out food safety and hygiene inspections. The bigger your production – the more value you get from Inspectle Food!

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Track and assign non-conformities in food safety software
Track and assign 

Automatically assign, track, and supervise non-conformities across departments. New tasks are generated and assigned in real time, within seconds, allowing quick elimination of any issues.

Automatic reporting of inspections in a food hygiene app
Automatic reporting

Automatically generated hygiene reports and statistics give a full and unprecedented overview to department heads and management on Food safety.

Automatic notificatioins in food inspection software
Automatic notifications

Inspectle Food keeps the team up to date on progress and delays. Non-conformities are tracked in real-time and automatic notifications are sent to each responsible persons. 

Intelligent automation tools for food safety inspections
Intelligent Automation Tools

Inspectle platform and software will significantly automate the food safety department, allowing 70% time savings from conducting hygiene rounds and up to 4 x faster resolution of food hygiene non-conformities.

All-in-one food hygiene platform made for companies just like you

Food safety inspection software built by experts for experts

The Inspectle Food platform is fully compatible with GFSI standards - BRC, AIB, IFS, FSSC 22000, which is a key value for our industrial clients. Yet, it is super simple and seamless to use.

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Task assignment for non-conformities management in food safety
Assign tasks and non-conformities to the right person to get the job done!
Automatic tracking of hygiene inspections
Automatic tracking of a hygiene round and factory areas with a mobile app
Real-time task workflow
Real-time task workflow and tracking guarantee fast response times
Background image for food safety software

Get a free live demo
of Inspectle Food

Join a 30-minute call with our founder and CEO, Oilver Pappel, to explore Inspectle Food.

Oliver Pappel, the founder of Inspectle Food Safety Software
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